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Industrial & Wide Format

Set your business apart, capture new opportunities and offer customers more, without slowing down your core business. Explore our proven solutions for direct to garment, roll-fed, hybrid and flatbed systems for your Sign & Graphics Wide Format needs.

RICOH Pro T7210 UV LED <br>Wide Format Flatbed

Wide Format Flatbed

Redefine what's possible with wide-format inkjet.

Tap into the profitable sign and graphics market by producing products fast and efficiently on substrates up to 4.3" thick. True flatbed architecture opens a universe of profitable print possibilities with countless media options. The RICOH Pro T7210 is the ideal technology to pursue ambitious growth plans fueled by high profit potential, low operating costs, superb image quality and exceptional reliability.

  • Prints up to 1,106 sq ft/hr for high-volume production
  • Features twelve RICOH MH5421 printheads for high-efficiency production
  • Supports media up to 4.3” thick with a maximum image area of 6.9’ x 10.5’
  • High ink adhesion for diverse substrate applications including acrylic, glass, wood, aluminum, steel and more
  • Standard ink configuration: CMYK,W, Clear and Primer for expanded design options
RICOH Pro TF6250 <br>Wide Format UV LED Flatbed

RICOH Pro TF6250
Wide Format UV LED Flatbed

More ways to say yes to more work.

Combining unparalleled productivity and the ability to print on a nearly endless selection of media, the RICOH Pro TF6250 lets you take on more jobs and complete them faster. High opacity white, vibrant CMYK, inline clear and primer inks deliver impeccable image quality and give you the freedom to produce a broad range of high-value applications that exceed expectations. Easy operation and automated daily maintenance keep workflows moving, helping to further accelerate your return on investment.

  • Prints up to 1,248.6 sq ft/hr for high-volume production
  • Supports media up to 4.3" thick with a maximum image area of 4' × 8'
  • High ink adhesion for diverse substrate applications including acrylic, glass, wood, aluminum, steel and more
  • Dual-white ink configuration helps you keep production moving faster
  • Standard ink configuration: CMYK, W, Clear and Primer for expanded design options
RICOH Pro L5160 <br>Wide Format Latex Roll-fed

RICOH Pro L5160
Wide Format Latex Roll-fed

Be bold with exceptional wide-format color.

Work fast and profitably while helping your customers boost their visibility with big, bold, eye-catching applications such as signs, banners, vehicle wraps and indoor and outdoor displays on output up to 64" wide. Print in CMYK plus white with eco-friendly, fast-cure latex inks that exit the printer scratch-resistant and immediately ready for finishing or installation. Industrial-grade Ricoh printheads provide exceptional image quality and a long service life.

  • Prints up to 502.5 sq ft/hr
  • Maximum print width up to 63.6"
  • CMYK + White printing capabilities
  • Eco-friendly Aqueous Durable Latex inks
  • Outstanding quality up to 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution
  • Supports a range of media including pressure-sensitive vinyl, banner, canvas, paper, backlit/clear films, textiles and more
RICOH Ri 3000/Ri 6000

RICOH Ri 3000/Ri 6000

Industrial Direct to Garment

The Ri 3000/Ri 6000 print-on-demand Direct to Garment (DTG) printers deliver photo-quality prints directly to a wide range of apparel and promotional items. These durable, easy-to-use systems can produce custom garments in seconds for improved profitability on quantities from one to 1,000+.

  • Prints images up to 14" W × 18" L at 600 × 600 dpi resolution
  • RICOH MH2420 piezo-electric drop-on-demand inkjet heads
  • CMYK plus white with an advanced closed-loop circulation system
  • Range of applications including shirts, hats, sleeves, socks, bags and more
  • Automatic table-height adjustment for media up to 2.3" thick
  • AnaRIP™ software included for increased productivity
EFI™ Pro 24f <br>Wide Format Flatbed

EFI™ Pro 24f
Wide Format Flatbed

Enjoy faster flatbed production.

Exceptional quality at production speeds, broad color gamut and optimized ink usage. This system brings the most powerful features from LED and variable-drop grayscale head technology to a true flatbed design with a moving gantry and a multi-zoned vacuum table. The strategic choice for graphic arts, overlays, art reproductions and specialty applications up to 2" thick.

  • Ideal for lenticulars, photographic backlit displays, exotic materials, and irregularly-shaped or heavy objects
  • Prints up to 1,157 sq ft/hr with a maximum printable area of 100" × 52"
  • Get precision and fine-detail with up to 1200 × 1200 dpi resolution
  • CMYK plus two white channels for greater impact and vibrancy
EFI™ Pro 16h <br>Wide Format Hybrid

EFI™ Pro 16h
Wide Format Hybrid

Gain access to more profitable jobs.

Diversify your business while saving space with this hybrid wide-format printer that can run roll-fed or flatbed print jobs on one device. Offer your customers more specialty and high-value output on a broad range of media, including soft signage and rigid substrates up to 2" thick. Take advantage of a low total cost of ownership, superior image quality and production level output speeds for maximum productivity.

  • Prints up to 976 sq ft/hr for high-volume production
  • Substrates up to 65" wide and 2" thick
  • CMYK plus two white channels for greater impact
  • Embedded EFI™ Fiery® proServer digital front end, with FAST RIP acceleration technology
  • Up to 1200 × 1200 dpi resolution
  • Four-level, variable-drop grayscale print capability with Ricoh Gen-5 heads
EFI™ H1625 LED <br>Wide Format Hybrid

EFI™ H1625 LED
Wide Format Hybrid

Seize the opportunities of LED hybrid technology.

This versatile hybrid LED UV printer delivers ultimate high-definition imaging for a broad range of wide-format applications. Benefit from the ability to run roll-fed or flatbed print jobs on one device. Print four-color plus white on an extended range of flexible and rigid substrates with near photographic images, saturated colors and smooth gradations with true 8-level variable-drop grayscale printing.

  • CMYK plus two white channels for greater impact and vibrancy
  • Dynamic curing LED UV lamps to expand your applications and reduce cost
  • Up to 8 levels of variable-drop grayscale
  • Prints up to 458 sq ft/hr
  • Premium rigid and soft-signage applications can handle substrates up to 65" wide and 2" thick
  • Up to 1200 × 600 dpi resolution
  • Ships with the EFI™ Fiery® XF RIP
Mimaki JFX200/JFX500 <br>Wide Format Flatbed

Mimaki JFX200/JFX500
Wide Format Flatbed

Small footprint and bigger possibilities.

These ultra-high-speed, high-precision, flatbed UV LED printers are equipped with all the necessary features and functions required of a professional wide-format flatbed printer — performance, product quality and ease of use.

  • Ability to print on irregularly-shaped media and thick media up to 50 mm/2"
  • Clear and white ink for high-value-added printing
  • Up to 1200 dpi resolution
  • Piezo print heads
  • JFX200 maximum print size 4.27' × 8.20'
  • JFX500 maximum print size 6.89' × 10.17'

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